6cute Dating Website

6cute is a place for UBC students to connect, mingle, have fun, and maybe fall in love. Join in on the gossip, chat with super cool people, and

Urban Vinyl

This is a collection of some of the vinyl toys I've hand-painted and sculpted over the years. I started customizing urban vinyl at 16 and I'm

The Ubyssey Graphics & Illustrations

Ubyssey is published by an independent non-profit society, written and edited by students, and funded by a combination of student fees and

UBC Start-up Weekend

Incubated at UBC's Start-up Weekend, Super-Special Monkey is an online creative space for kids to learn, explore, and be creative. The web

UBC Finance Club Business Assets

The UBC Finance Club aims to connect students with faculty members as well as professionals in the financial industry. To do so, the club must

UBC Finance Club Events

Throughout the year, the UBC Finance Club hosts an array of events to attract students interested in finance and professionals in the financial

UBC Finance Club Website Mock-ups

Every 1 to 2 years, the UBC Finance Club redesigns their website. This is reflective of the changes to the rotating roster of the club’s

UBC Robotics Business Card

Thunderbird Robotics is a group of student teams who build robots from scratch for competitive and learning purposes. Thunderbird Robotics is

Red Waves Koi Fish

The koi fish is a symbol of resilience and strength. Even against the current of the vibrant red waves, the koi fish keeps soldiering on and

Edzerza Gallery Catalogue

Edzerza Gallery displays the work of Alano Edzerza. Alano is a Tahltan multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in West Vancouver, British