About Me

Néna Nguyễn
Bachelor of Commerce 2015  University of British Columbia
(Business Technology Management, and Finance)
I’m a passionate advocate for user-centered design and agile design practice. I particularly appreciate collaborative design processes where I'm working with a diverse set of people to solve complex problems. I think empathy, experimentation, and iteration are core to developing great products and experiences.

Currently at Sandstorm.io my goal is to make open source apps more accessible and enjoyable to use. Previously, at Service Canada (Goverment of Canada) I designed dashboards, reporting templates, and surveys to support data-driven decision making. Whatever I happen to be working on, I'm always obsessed with improving experiences for users and customers using design.

I first got into creative work when I started customizing (sculpting and hand-painting) toys for art collectors at the age of 16. Realizing that I could apply my creative skills in other ways, I continued to experiment and picked up digital design and interface development skills along the way. Over the next several years I became really intrigued by and invested in interface design due to its reach and high-impact nature. I recognized that poor design harms users (and other stakeholders) and can be costly in time and other resources. Through my work in software and in the open source community I aim to raise awareness for the value of design and also deliver great experiences to as many people as possible.

I spend most of my time designing, exploring new things, and chatting with people. As for activities I enjoy biking, cooking, drinking tea, and playing board games & video games (especially DotA 2 & Overwatch).

I’m currently living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area if you’d like to grab a coffee & chat—mochas are my favourite!
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