About Me

Néna Nguyễn
I’m an advocate for user-centered design and agile design practice. I appreciate collaborative design processes where I'm working with a diverse set of people to solve complex problems. I think empathy, experimentation, and iteration are core to developing great products and experiences.

I first got into creative work when I started customizing (sculpting and hand-painting) toys for art collectors at the age of 16. Realizing that I could apply my creative skills in other ways, I continued to experiment and picked up digital design and interface development skills along the way. Over the next several years I became really intrigued by and invested in interface design due to its reach and high-impact nature. I recognized that poor design harms users (and other stakeholders) and can be costly in time and other resources. Through my work in software and in the open source community I aim to raise awareness for the value of design and also continue to deliver great experiences to as many people as possible.

I enjoy spending my time designing, exploring, and chatting with people.

I’m currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area if you’d like to grab a coffee & chat!
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